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Migrating Console Apps To Azure Functions

A generic azure function that can be used to convert any console application to an HTTP webservice

muralivp 发布者 muralivp

Calling a downstream web API from a web API using Azure AD

A .NET 4.5 MVC Web API protected by Azure AD that receives tokens from a client and uses ADAL to get tokens for calling another downstream web API

jmprieur 发布者 Jean-Marc Prieur

Single-Page Application built using Angular2.4 and MSAL.js with Azure AD B2C

A single page app implemented using Angular 2.4.5 that signs up & signs in users using Azure AD B2C and calls a web API using OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

parakhj 发布者 Parakh Jain

Web application development with Node.js and Express using DocumentDB

This sample shows you how to use the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB service to store and access data from a Node.js Express application hosted on Azure Websites.

ryancrawcour 发布者 Ryan CrawCour

Node.js Web API with Azure AD v2.0

A small Node.js Web API that works with Azure AD v2.0 to accept and validates access tokens.

navyasric 发布者 Navya Canumalla

Getting Started with Azure Search using .NET

Getting Started with Azure Search using .NET

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples

U-SQL: Markdown format outputter

Sample Markdown outputter

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples

ASP.NET and SQL Database sample for Azure App Service

A simple ASP.NET application that demonstrates how to develop data-driven apps in Azure App Service

cephalin 发布者 Cephas Lin

Azure Cosmos DB: Build a MongoDB API console app with Golang and the Azure portal

This sample shows you how to use the Azure Cosmos DB MongoDB API and Go language (Golang) to create, retrieve, update, and delete a document in a collection.

mimig1 发布者 Mimi Gentz

Use Apache Kafka with Apache Storm on HDInsight

Java-based example of reading and writing to Apache Kafka from Apache Storm on HDInsight

blackmist 发布者 Larry Franks

Sample - Visual Search App with Cognitive Services

This sample shows how to use Azure Computer Vision and Bing Web Search together to build a simple visual search app

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples

Integrate Azure AD into a web application using OpenID Connect

A .NET MVC web application that uses OpenID Connect to sign-in users from a single Azure Active Directory tenant.

dstrockis 发布者 Danny Strockis

Write to HDFS from Storm on HDInsight

Learn how to write data to Azure Data Lake Store from a Java-based Apache Storm topology using HDInsight.

blackmist 发布者 Larry Franks

Service Fabric .NET Quickstart

Service Fabric quickstart .net application sample

mikkelhegn 发布者 Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj

U-SQL Tutorial Samples

U-SQL Tutorial code samples

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples

Media Services: Title Overlay Plugin for Azure Media Player

An Azure Media Plugin that overlays the content title over the player

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples


A basic example of how to read and write data to Azure Event Hubs from an Apache Storm topology running on HDInsight.

blackmist 发布者 Larry Franks

Tweet vibration anomalies detected by Azure IoT services on data from an Intel Edison running Node.js

Simple IoT project using Azure IoT Hub and showing a device running node to send telemetry data and that is analyzed by Azure IoT services to detect anomalies

olivierbloch 发布者 Olivier Bloch