Azure 视频分析器 定价

用于快速构建视频分析解决方案的 AI 服务

With Azure Video Analyzer, developers can quickly build an AI-powered video analytics solution to extract actionable insights from videos, whether stored or streaming. Azure Video Analyzer brings together the capabilities of Live Video Analytics and Video Indexer in one place.



Video Analyzer for Media (formerly Video Indexer)

Video Analyzer for Media (formerly Video Indexer) allows you to extract, review, curate, customize, search, and publish insights in a single job from your audio and video files using AI for video technologies, powered by Azure Media Services. See the full list of Video Analyzer for Media features

Video Analyzer for Media can be used with two types of accounts:

Free trial account: up to 10 hours of free indexing for website users, and up to 40 hours of free indexing for API users.

Paid unlimited account: for larger scale indexing, create a new Video Indexer account connected to a paid Microsoft Azure subscription.

Pricing is based on the duration of the input file. Indexing is charged for audio analysis, video analysis, or both.

Audio analysis is available in two bundles of features at different price points. The standard Audio Analyzer preset provides a richer set of metadata using a predefined set of AI-based audio analysis models, including speech transcription, speaker indexing, speech sentiment analysis, and keywords and formatted output captions or subtitles. The Basic Audio Analyzer preset provides a low-cost option to extract only speech transcription, and format output captions and subtitles. The Basic Audio Analyzer will produce two separate meters on your bill, including a line for transcription and a separate line for caption and subtitle formatting.

Caption and Subtitle Generation Input Content Minutes1 Media Transcription Input Content Minutes1 Audio Analysis Input Content Minutes1 Video Analysis Input Content Minutes1
Price per input minute $- $- $- $-
1Rounded by second with a minimum of 15 seconds.

Azure Video AnalyzerPreview (formerly Live Video Analytics)

Azure Video Analyzer enables you to capture, record, and analyze live video streams using AI provided by Microsoft or built by your own team. This enables you to build cloud plus edge IoT solutions that combine video analytics with data from other sensors to power real-time business decisions. Learn more.

Video Analyzer on IoT Edge

Video Analyzer on IoT Edge (formerly Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge) enables you to run your video analytics pipelines on devices with Azure IoT Edge. Create your video analytics pipelines and deploy them to devices running Azure IoT Edge through Azure IoT Hub. Video Analyzer on IoT Edge extends all the benefits of its unique video analytics technology from the cloud down to devices. It enables you to manage and analyze multiple video streams by leveraging various AI models on IoT gateway devices.

Live Video Analytics1 2 3
Price per day $-
1Availability varies by region 2Billing is prorated per minute of video processed per stream. Billing starts once the video pipeline is activated, whether or not there is video flowing through (eg. camera is disconnected). Billing stops when the pipeline is explicitly deactivated. 3The meter names from May 25, 2021 – August 1, 2021 are reflective of previous branding when Live Video Analytics and Video Indexer were part of Azure Media Services. The new meter names showing Azure Video Analyer and Azure Video Analyzer for Media will reflect as of August 1, 2021.

Standard Streaming from Cloud

When you playback recorded video from your Video Analyzer account, you will incur egress charges.

Live Video Analytics in the Cloud Egress Bytes1
Price per GB $-
1Availability varies by region

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