Data Factory V2 pricing


Azure Data Factory helps you create, schedule, monitor, and manage data pipelines. A data pipeline consists of activities that can move data between on-premises and cloud data stores. It also transforms data to produce information that can be trusted.

Pricing details

The pricing for Data Factory usage is calculated based on the following factors:

With Data Factory V2, you pay for data pipeline orchestration (by activity run) and by the hour for the compute resources used for data movement and transformation (see data movement and SSIS sections below). All data factory capabilities (orchestration, data movement, and others) are executed on a Data Factory cloud or self hosted integration runtime.


Activity runs (Azure integration runtime)

示例:将数据从 Azure Blob 移动到 Azure SQL 数据库的复制活动;在 Azure HDInsight 群集上运行 Hive 脚本的 Hive 活动)。
前 50,000 次活动运行 - 每 1,000 次运行 $-
超出 50,000 次之后的活动运行 - 每 1,000 次运行 $-
Activity runs (Self-Hosted Integration Runtime)

示例:将数据从本地 SQL Server 数据库移动到 Azure Blob 的复制活动;在本地 SQL Server 数据库中运行存储过程的存储过程活动)。
每 1,000 次运行 $-


Azure Data Factory can copy data between various data stores in a secure, reliable, performant, and scalable way. As your volume of data or data movement throughput needs grow, Azure Data Factory can scale out to meet those needs. Learn about using data movement units to boost your data movement performance.

You may incur data transfer charges, which will show up as a separate outbound data transfer line item on your bill. Outbound data transfer charges are applied when data goes out of Azure data centers. See more information.

Data movement (Azure integration runtime) $- 每小时
Data movement (self-hosted integration runtime) $- 每小时

SQL Server 集成服务通过 Azure-SSIS 集成运行时计算资源

The Data Factory integration runtime (cloud hosted only) supports running SSIS packages. SSIS usage is charged by the hour and supports SSIS standard capabilities using A-series and D-series virtual machine (VMs). Get more information on A- and D-series VMs.

SSIS standard A-series V2 VM

实例 内核数 RAM 临时存储 预览版价格
SSIS A4 v2 4 8.00 GiB 40 GiB $-
SSIS A8 v2 8 16.00 GiB 80 GiB $-

SSIS standard D-series V2 VM

实例 内核数 RAM 临时存储 预览版价格
SSIS D1 v2 1 3.50 GiB 50 GiB $-
SSIS D2 v2 2 7.00 GiB 100 GiB $-
SSIS D3 v2 4 14.00 GiB 200 GiB $-
SSIS D4 v2 8 28.00 GiB 400 GiB $-


与触发器没有关联且已经一周没有运行的管道被视为“非活动”。非活动管道按每月 $- 收费。


  • 活动是管道内的一个步骤。每个活动的执行被称为运行。

    例如,可使用复制活动将数据从本地 SQL Server 复制到 Azure Blob 存储。然后,使用在 Azure HDInsight 集群上运行 Hive 脚本的 Hive 活动,处理/转换 blob 存储中的数据以生成输出数据。

  • 与触发器没有关联且已经一周没有运行的管道被视为“非活动”。

  • Integration runtime is the data integration infrastructure for performing data movement and transformation.

    For data movement, integration runtime moves the data between the source and destination data stores, while providing support for built-in connectors, format conversion, column mapping, and performant and scalable data transfer.

    For transformation, integration runtime provide capability to natively execute SSIS packages. Integration Runtime also supports dispatching and monitoring transformation activities running on a variety of compute services such as Azure HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server, and more.

    Customers can deploy one or many instances of integration runtime as required to move and transform data. The integration runtime can run in Azure public network or in a private network (on premises, Azure Virtual Network, or AWS VPC).

  • 可以。如果活动使用 Azure 服务(如 HDInsight),则会按每个服务的费率单独对这些服务进行计费。

  • 可以。如果要让 SQL Azure 实例在 Azure 上托管 SSIS 目录,则需要付费。为此可在订阅下新建或使用现有 SQL Azure 数据库服务器。


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