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Thorogood Associates is a Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting firm, specializing in helping world-leading companies in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, and associated industries increase top and bottom line performance through the use of data.

Our consultants are versed in Microsoft’s Azure capabilities from Application Development and Data Platform & Analytics through to Security, Networking and Infrastructure. This deep expertise in the technical competencies puts us in a unique position to help enterprise-scale clients work through the challenges of architecture and design, data modeling, tool selection, and user engagement—from a roadmap of capabilities to data warehouse choice or re-design, delivering production ready BI and reporting to solutions for advanced analytics. With Cortana Analytics we help our customers test and solve questions quickly.

If Business Intelligence and Analytics systems are to meet the needs of all users, the data stored must be flexible, logical, relevant, and intuitive. It must perform. And overall, it must add business value. Thorogood has more than two decades of experience designing and implementing data warehouses. With our guidance, you will not only ask the right questions, but also make the right decisions to bring a clear business focus to the development of your data warehouse.
We can help you evaluate, design and deliver:

- Centralized enterprise data, hub-and-spoke or subject-area specific data stores
- Cloud readiness assessment and roadmap to leverage cloud technologies
- Master data and data quality solutions – identification, collection, and management of corporate data including business process definition and identification of supporting technology
- Hybrid data warehousing architectures allowing data to be partitioned across relational and non-relational platforms for data warehouse optimization, cold-data archiving and data lake scenarios
- Microsoft data platform options from single SMP servers running SQL Server to high-end MPP database appliances supporting “Big Data” on premises or using Azure services.
- Strategies, architectures, and tools for collecting, loading and integrating complex corporate data in a timely fashion to support self-service reporting, analytics, and collaboration.

The use of advanced analytics for strategic and operational decision making has improved the performance of many companies and analytics continues to be a key differentiator. Using your existing data and the latest R and Machine Learning capabilities from Microsoft, we can work with you to
- Identify use cases and opportunities in the business where analytics may impact performance
- Undertake some exploratory data analysis, identify potential models and assess business value
- Plan for provisioning analytics and deployment at scale



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