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Kompozure is Your Azure Partner. Our Finland-based team of 20+ fully focused Azure Experts help startups, software vendors and enterprises design, build, migrate or re-engineer custom applications on Microsoft Azure PaaS.

In addition to design and development we also help IT decision makers in their Azure adoption by consulting on cloud strategy, governance, security, deployment, migration, application audits, application modernization and new applications.


With our consulting services you can be certain your enterprise is on the most optimal path to cloud adoption. Our consulting services are practical, interactive and tailored for your requirements.
Consulting packages

Cloud Strategy

We help you create and implement your Microsoft Azure cloud strategy, covering change management, migration, security, deployment and application modernization

Cloud Governance

We evaluate and improve your cloud governance model, enabling you to get utilize Microsoft Azure in a holistic way

Cloud Security

We assess your cloud security practices and ensure they are on par with the latest best practices and regulatory requirements

Application audit

We audit your technical solutions, covering architectural, best practice, technology choices, re-engineering requirements and security issues

Application modernization

We help you create a cloud roadmap for your entire managed application portfolio, or alternatively a meticulous plan to modernize a single solution to Microsoft Azure

New applications

We create a roadmap and a vision for your new application idea, covering architecture, schedule and budgetary concerns

Custom training packages

Our training packages are customized for your needs.

Azure DevOps framework for Enterprises
Architecting for resiliency, scalability and security with Microsoft Azure
Getting started with Azure IoT platform
Fundamentals of Azure development practices
Building enterprise web and mobile applications with Azure PaaS

Software Development

We build high-quality and cost effective Microsoft Azure solutions from start to end with a proven track record and in a professional manner.
Pre-development packages

Roadmap and vision

Roadmap and vision provide you the architecture, schedule and budget of the implementation, migration or re-engineering project

Preparatory phase

Preparatory phase provides you the chosen team, prioritized solution backlog and the base of the solution, giving you the necessary tools to start and continue the development immediately

Proof-of-Concept or Architectural Spike

PoC or Spike project reduces the technical risk of particularly complex or difficult technical challenges, making sure that there are no technical bottlenecks later in the solution development

Microsoft Azure software development

Development of globally scalable SaaS products
Development of modern custom enterprise applications
Modernizing and re-engineering existing applications and data warehouses
Leveraging IoT-, machine learning and cognitive services
Implementation of hybrid solutions and integrations
Implementation of Enterprise data platforms
Web or mobile apps as part of a SaaS solution family or to streamline business processes

Continuous Services

Our Continuous Services guarantee the performance, stability and cost effectiveness of your solution. Innovating and continuous development are part of our continuous services as well.

Microsoft takes care of the Azure platform with the 99.95% SLA.

Our Continuous Services are built on these factors:

Agreed Service Level
Innovation meetings
Maintenance and hot fixes with a discount
Main user support
Various monitoring approaches
Online system for incident management





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