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With ArcGIS for Server on Microsoft Azure, you harness the power of Microsoft’s scalable cloud infrastructure while maintaining full control over your environment. ArcGIS for Server on Microsoft Azure Jumpstart provides on-site configuration support and technology transfer on standard topics to help you get started with ArcGIS for Server and Microsoft Azure. An experienced Esri consultant will go through how to use ArcGIS for Server on Microsoft Azure along with best practices to provide a smooth transition to this new environment.

The Jumpstart includes the following steps:

• Microsoft Azure orientation
• VM setup and configuration
• Data loading
• Creating ArcGIS for Server services
• Creating custom VMs based on your needs



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在 Azure 应用商店中发现已可供使用的软件和服务。相关产品/服务包括认证的、开放源代码的及社区的软件应用、附加设备和数据。