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BitTitan is a cloud service enabler, helping our partners deliver cloud migration projects and cloud solutions to their customers. Our innovative platform “MSPCompete” provides the environment and tools to sell, provision, deploy, and manage Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

We have a wealth of expertise in Microsoft solutions, holding Gold competencies for Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Midmarket Solution Provider as well as Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and a Silver competency in Messaging. We are also a Tier two member of the Microsoft SMB Champions Club, with an impressive record of helping our partners transition more than 75,000 customers to the cloud, representing over 2.5 million individuals.

Our core services are:

• HealthCheck for Azure – We make it easy for our partners to assess customers’ needs by scanning the device landscape (both physical and virtual) and then reporting and delivering a cost assessment so partners can create tailored Infrastructure quotes on Azure.
• Database migration – Similarly, we provide the tools that scan and assess the on-premise SQL databases and transform that into a practical quote for the migration of applications and databases to a cloud SaaS cost model.
• Cloud storage migration – We have the automation tools available for moving both structured and unstructured data to secure Azure storage available anytime, anywhere and with guaranteed SLA’s.

Our platform offers an easy way to start moving customers to the cloud through a prescriptive and proven transformation process that facilitates the planning, architecting, costing, and physical migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

As a BitTitan partner, you can deliver more managed cloud projects, simply, better.



+1 (206) 428-6030

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