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Azure 网络研讨会系列


Azure webinar series: Simplify and Scale Applications with Azure Load Balancing

Azure Load Balancing provides you with the ability to seamlessly scale your IT resources in Azure, especially when dealing with sudden spikes in traffic. Join this webinar to learn how to instantly scale applications for high availability and high performance with load balancing services in Azure.

Azure webinar series: Technical Overview: Monitoring Windows Virtual Desktop

Getting full observability into your Windows Virtual Desktop environment is key to maintaining the reliability and availability that your end users expect. In this webinar, we will explore how you can use the recently launched Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop to find and troubleshoot problems in the deployment to understand your Windows Virtual Desktop environment, view the status and health of host pools and understand resource utilization to help you optimize for cost, and understand user performance impact and use it to prioritize issues appropriately.

Azure webinar series: Debugging Web Apps on Azure App Service and Azure SQL

Join this webinar to learn how Azure’s built-in diagnostic tools can assist you with troubleshooting your apps on Azure App Service and Azure SQL. During this webinar we’ll show you how to enable diagnostic logging and advanced monitoring capabilities to troubleshoot and maximize the performance of your apps.

Azure webinar series: Reduce Costs and Drive Business Value with SAP on Azure

Register for this webinar to learn from Forrester Consulting and Microsoft experts about the return on investment companies could achieve from choosing Azure to run their SAP workloads. You’ll learn best practices and more from Forrester’s 2021 Total Economic Impact study and will receive a complimentary copy of The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Azure for SAP.


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