Real World Analytics

由 Saama 提供

Saama Real World Analytics accelerates business outcomes to Life Sciences companies from their Real World Evidence (RWE) programs. Geographically disparate, longitudinal patient data is standardized, aggregated, and prepared for generating predictive insights. Accelerators for treatment pathways, cohort analysis, and population characteristics allow the RWE programs derive faster outcomes at lower costs.

Saama Real World Analytics brings together a mix of medical, data science, and technology skills to drive solutions into the petabytes of data accumulating within enterprises. Saama’s blend of skills and tested applications can catapult organizations through years of design and development within weeks, driving a near instant return on investment.

Saama’s core Health data science group focuses on leveraging Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ for computer intensive algorithm development, translating billions of records into specific insights with user-friendly visualizations.

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Saama’s Real World Analytics generate predictive insights from Real World Data for Clinical and Commercial Life Sciences teams. We standardize, aggregate and analyze geographically disparate, longitudinal patient data in record time. Accelerators for treatment pathways, cohort analysis and population characteristics generate predictive models at lower costs, accelerating ROI.