HPC Pack cluster for Linux workloads

由 Microsoft 提供
You can now easily deploy a cloud-based HPC Pack cluster in Azure. Microsoft HPC Pack is a free high performance computing solution built on Microsoft Azure and Windows Server technologies. A cloud-based HPC Pack cluster provides a cluster administrator or independent software vendor (ISV) a flexible, scalable platform to run compute-intensive Windows and Linux applications while reducing investment in an on-premises compute cluster infrastructure.
This template creates a complete HPC Pack cluster infrastructure for Linux HPC workloads, including the Azure virtual network, Active Directory Domain forest, a head node with local SQL databases, and a number of compute nodes with the Linux operating system. Multiple Linux Distributions are supported including CentOS-based, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It is recommended to specify VM size with at least 4 CPU cores for the head node, and VM size with at least 2 CPU cores for the compute nodes. For more information click “More about HPC Pack cluster in Azure” in the useful links.