Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* Software - GS

由 Intel 提供

Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* software is a scalable, parallel file system purpose-built for HPC. Ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications, Intel CE for Lustre software helps maximize storage performance and cost-effectiveness with Azure.

  • The most widely used file system in High Performance Computing.
  • Software defined storage scales to deliver extreme I/O to applications.
  • Easily configure virtual resources to optimize performance for custom workloads.


Usage Instructions

  • SSH to "MGS" and run this command to see the MGS NID: "sudo lctl list_nids".
  • This will give you a NID like, which can be added to a client mount command (adjust NID and filesystem name for actual values): "mount -t lustre /mnt/scratch".
  • If this command completes successfully, you have an active Lustre mount.

Product Support

  • Intel provides the latest updates and patches for Cloud Ediiton. For more information, contact us at

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Intel Lustre is a cluster solution that REQUIRES multiple instances. Please be aware that the pricing details may vary depending on your cluster configuration.