PowerCenter 10.0 Standard Edition on Windows BYOL

由 Informatica 提供

The PowerCenter Standard Edition is an end-to-end data integration platform that will enable you to connect and integrate data from any business system, in any format, and delivers that data throughout the enterprise — without hand-coding. This highly scalable, high-performance platform will serve as the foundation for all your future department and enterprise-wide data integration projects.

  • A codeless, object-based, visual environment to maximize reuse and increase productivity
  • Singular approach to accessing data from a wide variety of systems and formats
  • Role based tools for Business and IT collaboration
The VM image provided consists of PowerCenter Standard Edition:
  • Version 10.0
  • Number of computing nodes as specified
  • SQL Server 2014 as domain DB

The Solution includes database server, domain server and domain nodes. You can install client(s) on any machine and connect to the domain running on Azure.

This is a BYOL listing for Windows and requires you to work with Informatica directly to obtain license keys. If you hold a pre-existing PowerCenter license agreement, please contact Informatica to confirm compatibility with any existing Informatica product license prior to its usage.

If you currently do not hold a license agreement for Informatica PowerCenter, please contact Informatica directly to pursue a license to use the software.