SecureSphere WAF Deployment Kit

由 Imperva Inc. 提供

Rapidly deploy the industry leading SecureSphere Web Application Firewall from Imperva on Azure Security Center

  • Protect your applications in production or test environments using pre-defined solution templates
  • Streamline provisioning of multiple web application firewalls and management servers
  • Customize deployment to meet your web application protection needs across multiple regions

Imperva SecureSphere extends all of the security and management capabilities of the world's most-trusted web application firewall to Microsoft Azure. SecureSphere WAF Deployment Kit streamlines provisioning of web application security with Azure Security Center solution templates. The deployment kit can create an Azure test or production environments on Azure with the following components - one virtual network, one Imperva management server, an availability set with 1 to 4 SecureSphere Web Application Firewalls, and one Azure Load Balancer.