CommVault Simpana

由 CommVault 提供

CommVault®, the Microsoft 2014 Server Platform Partner of the year, provides the Simpana data management software solution. Simpana’s Windows & Azure Centric heterogeneous solution is built and optimized from the ground up on a single platform for integrated data and information management. All functions share the same back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach enabling protection, indexing, tiered storage, managing and accessing data by content (E-Discovery). Simpana software offers investment protection with a core platform that is flexible, modular, and ready to grow and adapt as new data management challenges emerge. Simpana software does the jobs of many disparate, point-level products, only better, more cost effectively, and much more simply.

It all starts with the single platform. The Simpana platform contains individually licensable modules to Analyze, Replicate, Protect, Archive, meet compliance requirements and Search your data. Because these modules share a common set of back-end services and advanced capabilities, they effortlessly "talk" to one another through the platform to solve a myriad of problems related to the storage and access of your data and information. Simpana software has native integration with Azure blob storage, meaning any data managed by Simpana, including Exchange, SharePoint, Linux, Oracle, and SAP, can be sent directly to Azure blob storage by Simpana without requiring any third party appliances or software. The application data is also available for granular recovery/recall based on content search.