Cisco Virtual WAAS 750 connection Hourly

由 Cisco Systems, Inc. 提供

Cisco WAAS is a set of WAN optimization solutions that minimize enterprise bandwidth usage and accelerate application performance. Use it to make optimum use of your existing bandwidth and deliver high-quality user experiences across the WAN. Following models are being offered on Microsoft Azure.

  • vWAAS200 - Optimizes upto 200 concurrent connections
  • vWAAS750 - Optimizes upto 750 concurrent connections
  • vWAAS1300 - Optimizes upto 1300 concurrent connections
  • vWAAS2500 - Optimizes upto 2500 concurrent connections
  • vWAAS6000 - Optimizes upto 6000 concurrent connections
  • vWAAS12000 - Optimizes upto 12000 concurrent connections

The vWAAS 750 image will provide WAN optimization for up to 750 connections. This is an hourly offering from Cisco, no additional licensing is required.

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