Azure 金融服务

使用 Microsoft Azure 促进数字转型。通过云财务系统和连接式财务系统,重新定义客户体验、利用新式工具提高员工能力、优化风险管理和转换产品。

First Tech

“What attracted us to Azure, and what differentiated Azure from everyone else, was its financial services compliance team. Azure partners with federal regulators, both domestic and international, to ensure that its environment supports financial services compliance and auditability needs. That was crucial to us.”

首席技术官 Mike Upton


如果了解客户及其需求,便可有针对性地进行营销和提供产品,防止客户流失到其他公司。将 Azure 高级分析与 SaaS 应用程序配合使用,构建更牢固的关系,利用数据驱动式见解和机器学习定制你的财务建议。

“Without having deep access into all this data via the Microsoft solution, we wouldn’t be able to see the impact of the changes we’re rolling out, like our upcoming credit card. Now we can easily evaluate effectiveness and clearly see what we need to adjust.”

企业体系结构主管 Billy Lo


客户选择众多。向员工提供构建出色产品/服务所需的生产工具和协作工具,同时符合法规要求。使用预测见解决定每位客户的“下一步最佳操作”,利用基于 SaaS 的数据在恰当时机提供合适的产品。

First Tech Federal Credit Union
“Microsoft doesn’t just work with the largest banks and bank regulators.They bring us, our peers, and the regulators we need to work with together for joint discussions on how to make the cloud work for all of us.”

首席技术官 Mike Upton



“I can now manage 750 machines in Azure on weekdays and a thousand on weekends. Plus an extra 300 production machines on-prem. And that’s all done by one person.”

Dr.高性能计算主管 Robert K. Griffiths


通过使用云,金融服务机构可以削减成本、拥有弹性并加快数据分析,然后将节省和收益的部分投资其他方面。专注产品创新。减少了本地 IT 基础结构的开支,就可以在业务和产品的创新和转型方面投入更多资金。

DH Banking
“Microsoft Azure is enabling us to change, in a very fundamental way, the way we build and deliver software to our customers.”

新贷款产品和产品管理主管 David Boswell

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