Visual Studio 2017 发布和 20 周年纪念活动

Azure 更新

Last week in Azure: OSBA, DevOps and Kubernetes, VM sizes, and more

12/11 – Last week in Azure brought Open Service Broker for Azure, community projects and partnerships to extend what you can do with Kubernetes and Azure, and several storage-optimized and burstable VM sizes are now available in GA.

November 2017 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN

12/11 – Congratulations to our November top-10 contributors! Alberto Morillo maintains the first position in the cloud ranking while Visakh Murukesan maintains the top in the All Databases ranking.This…

Azure Marketplace – New offers in November 2017

12/11 – We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In November 2017, 35 new offers went live. See details of these great new offers...

Media Services SDKs for Java and PHP support Azure Active Directory Authentication

12/08 – Azure Media Services client SDKs for both Java and PHP now support Azure Active Directory authentication.

Free eBook – The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure now available

12/07 – Today, we are pleased to introduce a free eBook titled, “The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure” second edition. The book was written by Michael Crump and Barry Luijbregts to help you on your…

加入我们:Visual Studio 2017 发布活动和 20 周年纪念活动

02/09 – 今天是 Visual Studio 的 20 岁生日,我感到既自豪又受宠若惊 - 让我们庆祝 Visual Studio 20 周年! 在这个里程碑式的日子,我很高兴宣布 Visual Studio 2017 将于 3 月 7 日发布。

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