Visual Studio 2017 发布和 20 周年纪念活动

Azure 更新

Microsoft updates Cognitive Services terms

02/16 – We understand that the commitments we make about data are essential for any organization. To give customers more control, we’ve updated our Cognitive Services terms for customer data.

Public preview: Automatic OS image updates in virtual machine scale sets

02/15 – A new capability is in preview: automatic guest OS image updates in scale sets.

ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is now generally available

02/15 – We are excited to share the general availability of ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor (NPM). A few months ago, we announced ExpressRoute Monitor with NPM in public preview…

Protect machines using managed disks between Azure regions using Azure Site Recovery

02/15 – Azure Site Recovery now provides you the capability to protect virtual machines on managed disks between Azure regions.

Azure Analysis Services available in Central US

02/15 – Azure Analysis Services is now available in the Central US region.

加入我们:Visual Studio 2017 发布活动和 20 周年纪念活动

02/09 – 今天是 Visual Studio 的 20 岁生日,我感到既自豪又受宠若惊 - 让我们庆祝 Visual Studio 20 周年! 在这个里程碑式的日子,我很高兴宣布 Visual Studio 2017 将于 3 月 7 日发布。

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