Visual Studio 2017 发布和 20 周年纪念活动

Azure 更新

Petya ransomware prevention & detection in Azure Security Center

6月 28 – Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) published a blog post yesterday detailing a new ransomware infection that appears to have begun in Ukraine and spread from there to other places in Europe and beyond.

New troubleshooting and diagnostics for Azure Files Storage mounting errors on Windows

6月 28 – Azure Files offers fully managed file shares in the cloud through the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. This is the predominantly used file share protocol for on-premises Windows use cases.

Identity now available in SQL Data Warehouse

6月 28 – Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports IDENTITY column properties.

Event Hubs Capture (formerly Archive) is now Generally Available

6月 28 – Azure Event Hubs Capture is now generally available. This key Event Hubs feature (which was released in public preview as Event Hubs Archive), gives you access to near real-time streams, making it possible to package and transport millions of events per second for further processing. It is designed to combine both batch and near-real-time streams, so you don’t need to construct separate data pipelines.

Text Analytics API now supports analyzing sentiment in 16 languages

6月 28 – You can now analyze the sentiment of your text in 12 new languages, which are in addition to our previously released support for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese text.

加入我们:Visual Studio 2017 发布活动和 20 周年纪念活动

2月 9 – 今天是 Visual Studio 的 20 岁生日,我感到既自豪又受宠若惊 - 让我们庆祝 Visual Studio 20 周年! 在这个里程碑式的日子,我很高兴宣布 Visual Studio 2017 将于 3 月 7 日发布。

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