Custom domain HTTPS support with Azure Content Delivery Network

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Güncelleştirme Tarihi: 30 Mayıs 2017 Salı

We're excited to let you know that Azure Content Delivery Network from Verizon will soon have the end-to-end workflow to enable HTTPS. This workflow will be simplified via one-click enablement and complete certificate management, all with no additional cost.

Some of the key attributes of the custom domain HTTPS will be:

    No additional costThere won't be any costs for certificate acquisition or renewal and no additional cost for HTTPS traffic. You'll only pay for GB egress.

    Simple enablementOne click provisioning will be available from the Azure portal.

    Complete certificate managementAll certificate procurement or management will be handled for you. Certificates will be automatically provisioned and renewed prior to expiration, so there won't be any risk of a service interruption due to a certificate expiring.

Learn more about this new feature in this blog post

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