Application Insights Profiler for Azure App Service

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Application Insights Profiler will enable you to capture and view performance traces for your application in dynamic situations, and it'll happen automatically at scale without negatively affecting your end users. Application Insights Profiler will capture the following information so you'll be able to easily identify performance issues when your app runs in Azure:

    The median, fastest, and slowest response times for each web request made by your customers. The “hot” code path that takes the longest time when handling a particular web request.

Our goal is to help you make sure your Azure application doesn’t have any performance issues—enabling the Profiler can catch the issues early and prevent your customers from being widely impacted. We recommend you use it on all your Azure applications to identify performance issues as early as possible.


Learn more about Application Insights Profiler.

Learn more about Application Insights.
App Service Application Insights

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