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Azure Networking Log Converter

Jay Cho tarafından
Son güncelleştirme tarihi: 17.10.2016
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Code for downloading operational network logs and converting them to .CSV files. Files can to be then uploaded to Power BI for analysis.

Running this sample


  • Visual Studio 2015
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • Microsoft Azure SDK - Latest
  • Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio 2015 - Visual Studio Extension (recommended)

Solution Contents

The solution contains 5 executable console app projects CountersLogConverter, EventsLogConverter, OperationsLogConverter, LoadBalancerAlertLogConverter and LoadBalancerHealthProbeLogConverter.

1. CountersLogConverter

In order to use this code, logging must be turned on via SDK or Ibiza portal (soon to be released) and familiarity with Azure Resource Manager is required.

The counters logs are stored in the Azure Storage Container as JSON blobs { "time": "2015-09-11T23:14:22.6940000Z", "systemId": "e22a0996-e5a7-XXXX-XXXX-4357a6e8f0c5", "category": "NetworkSecurityGroupRuleCounter", "resourceId": "/SUBSCRIPTIONS/D763EE4A-9131-XXXX-XXXX-876035455EC4/RESOURCEGROUPS/INSIGHTOBONRPFOO/PROVIDERS/MICROSOFT.NETWORK/NETWORKSECURITYGROUPS/NSGINSIGHTOBONRPFOO", "operationName": "NetworkSecurityGroupCounters", "properties": { "vnetResourceGuid":"{DD0074B1-4CB3-XXXX-XXXX-8719DFBA3568}", "subnetPrefix":"", "macAddress":"001517D9C43C", "ruleName":"DenyAllOutBound", "direction":"Out", "type":"block", "matchedConnections":0 } }

Converted .CSV file of counter log has following columns

  1. time
  2. systemId
  3. resourceId
  4. operationName
  5. properties.vnetResourceGuid
  6. properties.subnetPrefix
  7. properties.macAddress
  8. properties.ruleName
  9. properties.direction
  10. properties.type
  11. properties.matchedConnections
3. OperationsLogConverter

This app needs to be authorized to access Azure AD management API. Fore more information on Azure AD authorization go to:

Operations logs are retrieved through the Azure Insight API. For available properties look at member of Microsoft.Azure.Insight.Models.EventData class definition.

Converted .CSV file of operations log has following columns.

  1. SubscriptionId
  2. EventTimeStamp
  3. EventDate
  4. EventDataId
  5. CorrelationId
  6. EventName
  7. Level
  8. ResourceGroupName
  9. ResourceProviderName
  10. ResourceId
  11. ResourceName
  12. ResourceLocation
  13. Status
  14. Caller
  15. OperationId
  16. OperationName
  17. OperationRP
  18. OperationResType
  19. OperationType
  20. Description
  21. Title
  22. Service
  23. Region
  24. Transcript
  25. IncidentId
  26. IncidentType
5. LoadBalancerHealthProbeLogConverter

In order to use this code, logging must be turned on, for how-to:

The healt status event logs are stored in the Azure Storage Container as JSON blobs ``` { "time": "2016-01-26T10:37:46.6024215Z", "systemId": "32077926-b9c4-42fb-94c1-762e528b5b27", "category": "LoadBalancerProbeHealthStatus", "resourceId": "/SUBSCRIPTIONS/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX/RESOURCEGROUPS/RG7/PROVIDERS/MICROSOFT.NETWORK/LOADBALANCERS/WWEBLB", "operationName": "LoadBalancerProbeHealthStatus", "properties": { "publicIpAddress": "", "port": "81", "totalDipCount": 2, "dipDownCount": 0, "healthPercentage": 100.000000 } }

Converted .CSV file of healt status log has following columns

1. *time*
2. *systemId*
3. *category*
3. *resourceId*
4. *operationName*
5. *properties.publicIpAddress*
6. *properties.port*
7. *properties.totalDipCount*
8. *properties.dipDownCount*
9. *properties.healthPercentage*