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MyDriving - An Azure IOT and Mobile Sample Application

Building IoT or Mobile solutions are fun and exciting. This year for Build, we wanted to show the amazing scenarios that can come together when these two are combined. So, we went and developed a sample application. MyDriving uses a wide range of Azure services to process and analyze car telemetry data for both real-time insights and long-term patterns and trends. The following features are supported in the current version of the mobile app.

alinapopa Alina Popa tarafından,
Son güncelleştirme tarihi: 13.03.2019

Integrate Azure AD B2C into an Objective-C iOS application using ROPC

iOS sample demonstrating how to sign into Azure AD B2C using ROPC

parakhj Parakh Jain tarafından,
Son güncelleştirme tarihi: 29.04.2018

Integrate Azure AD B2C into an Objective-C iOS application

Demonstrates how you can use a third party library to build an iOS application in Objective-C that authenticates Microsoft identity users to our Azure AD B2C identity service.

brandwe Brandon Werner tarafından,
Son güncelleştirme tarihi: 20.06.2017

Azure IoT Samples for iOS Platform

azure-iot-samples-ios provides a set of easy-to-understand, continuously-tested samples for using Azure IoT Hub via Azure/azure-iot-sdk-c.

azure-samples Azure Samples tarafından,
Son güncelleştirme tarihi: 19.04.2018