UOLDIVEO Tecnologia Ltda

UOLDIVEO Tecnologia Ltda

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Genel Bakış

UOLDIVEO is a Cloud and Managed Service Provider company based in São Paulo, Brasil. We are a Certified Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner.

Our core competencies include:

- Cloud Advisory Services: to help organizations identify the best cloud resource options and once the decision is made to move workloads to public cloud. UOLDIVEO helps with the strategy, roadmap, licensing, cloud expense management and support.

- Cloud Migrations: UOLDIVEO can help enterprise customers migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud, assist with application refactoring for cloud environments, and help design and build microservices-based modern applications and services.

- DevOps Consulting and Implementation: UOLDIVEO has expertise in cloud infrastructure automation and helping enterprises and startups alike in establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably through a continuous integration and continuous deployment.

- Express Route Provider: UOLDIVEO provides private network connectivity to Microsoft cloud services. Infrastructure and platform services running in Azure often benefit by addressing network architecture and performance considerations.

Our Value Proposition:

UOLDIVEO's team works very closely with Azure engineering and support teams at Microsoft to design, build and deploy end-to-end cloud-based solutions for enterprise customers. We are agile, focused and highly flexible in our capabilities. We excel at building out-of-the-box solutions on Azure (and other Cloud Services) and have worked on several successful projects accelerating enterprise cloud adoption for our enterprise customers. Given an opportunity, we would show our abilities by performing a quick assessment of your environment and propose the best solutions to benefit your organization

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