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You think you might be ready to make the move to cloud, but how can you be sure? How will it impact your business processes? What will it take to transform your data center? Which options are available? And how much will it cost?

Our six-step Cloud Readiness Assessment can answer all these questions and map out an action plan for adoption the version of cloud that works best for you: private, public or hybrid. Here's what we'll do:
1) Strategize: Start the process with a free 2-hour whiteboard session with a member of the SA Cloud Practice team (on-site or virtual) to understand your current environment, establish goals and needs, outline cloud options, map next steps, and identify potential funding from Microsoft that can offset your costs.
2) Gather: Our Solution Architects will run the appropriate Discovery/Assessment tools on your system.
3) Assess: Our team will go on-site to assess your current environment, including physical servers; storage, SAN and backup; virtualization platform (if applicable); network (LAN/WAN/WiFi); Internet access; network and system security; and physical environment.
4) Align: We will conduct one-on-one interviews with your key team members to understand and align our solution to your business processes as they relate to IT; future goals and objectives; and concerns and/or limitations.
5) Analyze: After we have reviewed and analyzed the data collected from our diagnostic tools, on-site visit and in-person interviews, we will prepare our findings and make recommendations. These will be presented to your team in an on-site session and also provided in an Executive Summary for your C-Suite.
6) Deliver: From your Cloud Assessment, you will receive:
- Executive Summary of Findings
- Recommendations
- RAW data from discovery
- Estimated cost of Microsoft Cloud Solutions
- Estimated cost of migration services
- Potential applicable Microsoft funding/incentives

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