Lighthouse Computer Services, Inc.

Lighthouse Computer Services, Inc.

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Lighthouse Computer Services helps you leverage the unlimited possibilities of Azure so your business can move to the cloud with confidence and generate major business benefits:

• Reduce IT infrastructure costs
• Increase the speed of IT delivery
• Decrease IT complexity
• Lower internal resource staffing demands

Azure features 99.95% up-time with highly available applications. You pay only for the IT resources your applications consume while benefitting from other key features:

• Automatic operating system and service patching
• Built-in network load balancing
• Hardware failure resiliency
• Scalability for applications of any size
• Fully automated self-service platform
• Resource provisioning within minutes
• Elasticity to grow or shrink as resource usage changes

To help assess your current environment, implement a new cloud platform, or fully realize the benefits of an existing deployment, Lighthouse offers a range of Azure programs:

• Free Half-Day Workshop: for understanding how to leverage the cloud and maximize your investment in IT through a cloud-based infrastructure.
• Half-Day Hands-On Workshop: for helping you to understand typical use cases for leveraging cloud resources, providing hands-on guidance to set up an Azure trial subscription, and helping with creating one or more trial Azure Virtual Machines.
• Half-Day Hands-On Developer Workshop: for when you want to understand how your developers can leverage the cloud to streamline application-development initiatives.
• Foundation Quickstart: to develop a well-planned and implemented cloud strategy that lowers capital investments and overhead while further reducing costs by utilizing services only when needed.
• Active Directory Services Quickstart: to move Federated Identity Management to the cloud while addressing changes to regulatory and security standards as well as identity lifecycle management.
• Development and Test Environment Quickstart: to understand how to deploy a flexible cloud infrastructure that addresses ongoing cost increases and long lead times associated with on-premises data centers and hosting providers.

As an open, flexible cloud platform, Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across Microsoft-managed data centers. It also allows you to move faster, save money and integrate applications and data—without having to focus on your IT infrastructure.

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