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Public preview: Interactive query experience for SQL data warehouses
20 Ocak, 2017 – You can experience an interactive query experience directly in the Azure portal.
Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK v3.3.0 released
20 Ocak, 2017 – Today we are releasing the Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK to CocoaPods and other online properties. This is a drop-in replacement for the existing SDK.
Parse Server on Azure App Service updated
20 Ocak, 2017 – The Parse Server project has moved on since we first published the Marketplace resource for running Parse Server on Azure App Service. Parse Server has been updated to version 2.3.0.

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Exercise your greatest power as a developer
Aralık 22, 2016

To be a good developer is to be a perpetual learner; it is essential for survival. The problems you solve are always changing, but the programming languages, platforms, hardware, tools and technologies you use to solve them are either on their way in, evolving, or are on their way out.

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