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Emotion API

Cognitive Services September API Updates

15 Eylül 2016 Perşembe

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of intelligence and knowledge APIs that enable developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. Cognitive Services includes intelligent APIs that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret needs using natural methods of communication; and knowledge APIs that bring the power of the web to developers. …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services

Happy? Sad? Angry? This Microsoft tool recognizes emotions in pictures

16 Kasım 2015 Pazartesi

Humans have traditionally been very good at recognizing emotions on people’s faces, but computers? Not so much. That is, until now. Recent advances in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence are allowing computer scientists to create smarter apps that can identify things like sounds, words, images – and even facial expressions. The Microsoft Project …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services