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Notifying users of data received from sensors or other systems

4 Ocak, 2016 tarihinde gönderildi

Principal PM, Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft’s Azure Event Hubs or Azure IoT Hub provide perfect endpoints for collecting the massive quantities of data coming from devices and tiny sensors, or from line of business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Think of these examples …

A company might want to continuously monitor the temperature in the conference rooms in all buildings.

A farmer might want to monitor or control the status of the lights in a greenhouse.

A fleet services company might want to observe the driving characteristics of all drivers.

Executing on any of these could be done by sending data to an Azure Event Hub for processing then using any number of cloud-based tools such as: Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and so on.

What's missing is a simple example and documentation on how to alert users to certain conditions, such as a temperature being too low or a light being turned off. Suppose you wanted an easy way to send the following message to the service manager. How could you do this in the simplest manner?


A recent article and code sample I produced with Dinar Gainitdinov shows how to do this using either email, SMS, or even the phone. Check out the technical documentation here, and the solution code in the Azure Samples site at AppToNotifyUsers.