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Just Announced: LinkShare Chooses Windows Azure for its Global Performance Marketing Application Solution

25 Nisan, 2011 tarihinde gönderildi

After assessing cloud computing offerings from Amazon Web Services and Google Apps Engine, online performance marketing firm LinkShare announced today that it is using the Windows Azure platform for development of LinkShare Lightning.  LinkShare Lightening is the next generation of its online performance marketing application. The firm selected the Windows Azure platform to enable its developers to create a solution that would easily scale to handle peak holiday-season Internet traffic without requiring the costly investment in IT infrastructure.

Using Windows Azure, SQL Azure, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and .NET Framework 4, LinkShare developers created a solution they predict will easily handle more than 1 billion impressions per day and deliver annual savings of up to several million dollars in hardware, software and development costs.  These savings will allow LinkShare to allocate more resources to research, innovation and customer feature requests.

To learn more about this announcement, click here to read the press release.  To learn more about LinkShare's experiences with the Windows Azure platform, you can read the case study here.  Click here to visit the LinkShare website.