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Introducing the ISV Guest Post Series

7 Aralık, 2011 tarihinde gönderildi

Good day! I’m David Makogon, a senior cloud architect for the Windows Azure ISV team. This team has one primary objective: Help ISVs worldwide architect and develop applications and services to Windows Azure.

Our team would like to share some of its experiences with you, and we’ll be highlighting some of the accomplishments from the ISVs we’ve worked with during their Windows Azure application development and deployment. We’ll take a look at specific applications from ISV’s we’ve worked with, exploring a particular architecture or design challenge that needed to be solved or worked around as we integrated their application with Windows Azure. These stories will come from all over the globe, as we have more than 70 architects, evangelists, and advisors on our team worldwide. We have some popular bloggers such as David Gristwood, Ricardo Villalobos, Naoki Sato, and Anko Duizer, just to name a few. We have lots of good stuff to share.

Remember that there are often several ways to solve a particular problem. We’ll describe the way that the ISV ultimately chose, along with a reference architecture diagram, details of the solution and justification, and related caveats or tradeoffs. Feel free to incorporate these solution patterns into your own application, improve upon it, or take a completely different approach. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions here as well!