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Don't Miss Free Webinar Tuesday, March 8: "Moving Client/Server and Windows Forms Applications to Windows Azure with Visual WebGui Instant Cloud Move"

4 Mart, 2011 tarihinde gönderildi

Join a free webinar Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 8:00 am PT with Gizmox VP of Research and Development, Itzik Spitzen, to learn how new migration and modernization tools are empowering businesses to transform their existing client/server applications into native Web applications. This transformation to web applications can enable businesses to combine the economics and scalability of the cloud with the richness, performance, security and ease of development of client/server.  During this session, you will also learn how Visual WebGui (VWG) provides the shortest path from client/server business applications to Windows Azure, and how Gizmox has helped its customers move to Windows Azure.

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