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Enable industrial device connectivity with thousands of partner-provided Azure IoT Plug and Play device profiles

21 Eylül 2021 Salı

Recently we dramatically expanded our ability to support faster operational technology (OT) to cloud connectivity for up to 80 percent of all industrial equipment as part of our collaboration with key players in our partner ecosystem. Simply said, connecting existing industrial assets to the cloud just got a lot easier and you’ll save thousands of dollars in labor costs while dramatically accelerating your IoT project.

Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure IoT Introduces seamless integration with Cisco IoT

3 Mart 2020 Salı

With both Azure IoT and Cisco IoT being known as leaders in the industrial IoT market, we have decided to team up to share the availability of an integrated Azure IoT solution, that provides the necessary software, hardware, and cloud services that businesses need to rapidly launch IoT initiatives and quickly realize business value.

Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Five best practices for unlocking IoT value

11 Eylül 2019 Çarşamba

Accenture and Avanade won the 2019 Microsoft Internet of Things Partner of the Year award this past spring. At the Microsoft Inspire partner conference in July, Brendan Mislin, Managing Director, Industry X.0 IoT Lead at Accenture, shared some insights and best practices that have helped this award-winning partner unlock the value of Azure IoT for our mutual customers.

Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Petrofac transforms large-scale construction with Azure IoT

3 Eylül 2019 Salı

Petrofac designs, builds, operates and maintains oil, gas and renewable energy assets. The company is committed to digital transformation. It looks to unlock value for itself and its clients using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), automation, machine learning, predictive analytics, digital twin and Edge computing.

Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT