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4 ways AI, computer vision, and related technologies expand IoT solutions

7 Eylül 2021 Salı

Intel and Microsoft Azure are working together to help enterprises deploy intelligent IoT technologies and services, including AI’s deep learning abilities, computer vision, and audio or speech capabilities. Adding these capabilities enables solutions to solve more business challenges, uniting two or more—adding both computer vision and AI, for example greatly expands the potential uses for IoT solutions.

Director, Channel Marketing

Learn by example: How IoT solutions transform industries

13 Haziran 2019 Perşembe

Businesses often face similar challenges, from improving productivity and creating a positive customer experience to reducing costs and increasing revenue. By turning to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, organizations across industries can use data to drive insights and actions, ultimately transforming their business model, increasing their bottom line, and improving customer experiences.

Director, Channel Marketing

IoT in Action: New insights for retail

20 Aralık 2018 Perşembe

The pace of development for retail Internet of Things (IoT) solutions continues to build. From enhanced customer insights to better staff utilization and increased supply chain efficiency, sophisticated IoT solutions are helping retailers improve, and even reimagine, the retail experience.

Director, Channel Marketing