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Run your PySpark Interactive Query and batch job in Visual Studio Code

27 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi

We are excited to introduce the integration of HDInsight PySpark into Visual Studio Code (VSCode), which allows developers to easily edit Python scripts and submit PySpark statements to HDInsight clusters. This interactivity brings the best properties of Python and Spark to developers and empowers you to gain faster insights.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team

Microsoft Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer – public preview

9 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

We are happy to announce the public preview of support for Cosmos DB in the Azure Storage Explorer (ASE). With this release Cosmos DB databases can be explored and managed with the same consistent user experiences that make ASE a powerful developer tool for managing Azure storage.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team

Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) October Updates

18 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba

We are happy to share a few key updates for VSCode Azure Data Lake Tools, a cross-platform code editor to allow you easily author and submit USQL file to Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA). We have refined the architecture of Azure Data Lake Tools for more reliable integration with Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), allowing you to easily preview files, list storage path, download and upload files with great performance.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team