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Empowering operators and enterprises with the next wave of Azure for Operators services shaping the future of cloud

26 Şubat 2023 Pazar

At Microsoft, our aim is to be the most trusted co-innovation partner through every stage of the digital evolution, committed to working with communications service providers (CSPs), enterprises, developers, and ISVs alike on the future of a ubiquitous cloud that unlocks the true potential of modern connected apps.

Executive Vice President, Strategic Missions and Technologies

New Azure Space products enable digital resiliency and empower the industry

14 Eylül 2022 Çarşamba

Since the launch of Azure Space two years ago, we’ve announced partnerships, products, and tools that have focused on how we can bring together the power of the cloud with the possibilities of space. Today, we are introducing the next wave of product advancements for this mission and announcing specific ways in which we are democratizing space and empowering our partners.

EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies

New Azure for Operators solutions and services built for the future of telecommunications

27 Şubat 2022 Pazar

Imagine the benefits to communities and organizations that have access to improved bandwidth, reliability, and reduced latency, while leveraging the rich capabilities of cloud-to-edge technology without compromise to security, critical services, or key workloads. With the most complete offerings for the telecommunications industry, Microsoft is the ideal cloud provider to help operators with their digital transformation journey and enable them to deliver these innovative services to their consumer, enterprise, and public sector customers. Today, we’re announcing the next wave of Azure for Operators solutions and services.

EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies

New advancements in Azure for IT digital transformation

25 Eylül 2017 Pazartesi

I'm at Ignite this week, where more than 20,000 of us are talking about how we can drive our businesses forward in a climate of constant technology change. We are in a time where technology is one of the core ways companies can better serve customers and differentiate from competitors.

EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies