Aylık Arşivler: Nisan 2019

Extending Azure security capabilities

3 Nisan 2019 Çarşamba

As more organizations are delivering innovation faster by moving their businesses to the cloud, increased security is critically important for every industry. Azure has built-in security controls across data, applications, compute, networking, identity, threat protection, and security management so you can customize protection and integrate partner solutions.

Principal Group PM Manager, Azure Security Center

Azure Sphere Retail and Retail Evaluation feeds

2 Nisan 2019 Salı

Azure Sphere developers might have noticed that we now have two Azure Sphere OS feeds where once there was only one. The Azure Sphere Preview feed that delivered over-the-air OS updates has been replaced by feeds named Retail Azure Sphere OS and Retail Evaluation Azure Sphere OS.

Partner Director of Engineering, Azure Sphere