Aylık Arşivler: Eylül 2018

Healthcare Cloud Security Stack now available on Azure Marketplace

27 Eylül 2018 Perşembe

The success of Healthcare organizations today is dependent on data-driven decision making. Inability to quickly access and process patient data due to outdated infrastructure may result in life or death situations. Healthcare organizations are making the shift to the cloud to enable better health outcomes, and a critical part of that process is ensuring security and vulnerability management.

Director, Business Program Management, Cloud Marketplace Team

Strengthen your security posture and protect against threats with Azure Security Center

26 Eylül 2018 Çarşamba

In my recent conversations with customers, they have shared the security challenges they are facing on-premises. These challenges include recruiting and retaining security experts, quickly responding to an increasing number of threats, and ensuring that their security policies are meeting their compliance requirements.

Principal Group PM Manager, Azure Security Center

Announcing the EA preview release of management group cost APIs

26 Eylül 2018 Çarşamba

We are excited to preview a set of Azure Resource Manager Application Program Interfaces (ARM APIs) to view cost and usage information in the context of a management group for Enterprise Customers. Azure customers can utilize management groups today to place subscriptions into containers for organization within a defined business hierarchy.

Program Manager II, Azure Intelligence

Announcing private preview of Azure VM Image Builder

26 Eylül 2018 Çarşamba

Today I am excited to announce the private preview of Azure VM Image Builder, a service which allows users to have an image building pipeline in Azure. Creating standardized virtual machine (VM) images allow organizations to migrate to the cloud and ensure consistency in the deployments. Users commonly want VMs to include predefined security and configuration settings as well as application software they own.

Program Manager, Azure Compute