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Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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Create a storage account with file share

Creates an Azure storage account and file share.

crpietschmann by Chris Pietschmann,
Last updated: 15/9/2562

ROS on Azure with Windows VM

This template creates a Windows VM and installs the ROS into it using the CustomScript extension.

seanyen by Sean Yen,
Last updated: 13/9/2562

Alert to Slack with Logic app

This template allows you to create a Logic app that has a webhook to be used from an Azure Alert. When the Alert is triggered, it will post a message to a slack channel that you specify. You need to have a slack account to use this template.

jeffhollan by Jeff Hollan,
Last updated: 13/9/2562

Create a managed application with a customized view

This template creates a managed application that has a customized default view.

Olgaian by Olga Ianchenko,
Last updated: 12/9/2562

Create a managed application with metrics and alerts

This template creates a managed application that has application metrics and alerts.

Olgaian by Olga Ianchenko,
Last updated: 12/9/2562

Retrieve Azure Storage access keys in ARM template

This template will create a Storage account, after which it will create a API connection by dynamically retrieving the primary key of the Storage account. The API connection is then used in a Logic App as a trigger polling for blob changes. The complete scenario can be found on

EldertGrootenboer by Eldert Grootenboer,
Last updated: 11/9/2562

Create an Application Gateway v2 with WAF v2

This template creates an Application Gateway v2 with Web Application Firewall v2. This template is used by the Azure Application Gateway documentation Samples.

vhorne by Vic,
Last updated: 10/9/2562

Environment required to deploy Azure SQL Managed Instance.

This template allows you to create an environment required to deploy Azure SQL Managed Instance - Virtual Network with two subnets.

jovanpop-msft by Jovan Popovic (MSFT),
Last updated: 9/9/2562

Azure SQL Server with Auditing written to Log Analitics

This template allows you to deploy an Azure SQL server with Auditing enabled to write audit logs to Log Analitics (OMS workspace)

lubalibu by Luba Libov,
Last updated: 5/9/2562

Call custom APIs from Azure Logic Apps

Although Logic Apps provides hundreds of connectors for various services, you might want to call APIs that run your own code. One of the easiest and most scalable ways to host your own web APIs is by using Azure App Service. This template deploys a Web app for your custom API and secures that API by using Azure Active Directory authentication.

stepsic-microsoft-com by Stephen Siciliano,
Last updated: 26/8/2562

SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure

The SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure deploys these products on the cloud: SAS Visual Analytics 8.3.1 on Linux. SAS Visual Statistics 8.3.1 on Linux and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.3.1 on Linux. This Quickstart is a reference architecture for users who want to deploy the SAS Viya platform, using microservices and other cloud-friendly technologies. By deploying the SAS platform on Azure, you get SAS analytics, data visualization, and machine learning capabilities in an Azure-validated environment. SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine. It uses elastic, scalable, and fault-tolerant processing to address complex analytical challenges. SAS Viya provides faster processing for analytics by using a standardized code base that supports programming in SAS, Python, R, Java, and Lua. It also supports cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments and deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.

sassoftware by SAS Software,
Last updated: 23/8/2562

Onboard a custom domain with Front Door

This template onboards a custom domain with Front Door

pichandwork by pichandwork,
Last updated: 23/8/2562

Dynamic Web Test Creation

Create any number of App Insights web (ping) tests.

sedouard by Steven Edouard,
Last updated: 21/8/2562

Kentico MVC

This template facilitates the deployment of resources required to host Kentico MVC environments in Microsoft Azure.

fvolner by Filip Volner,
Last updated: 19/8/2562

Create EventHubs with Capture enabled

This template enables you to deploy a EventHubs namespace with an event hub and enabling Capture on it

v-Ajnava by Ajit Navasare,
Last updated: 17/8/2562

Add a subnet to an existing VNET

This template allows you to add a subnet to an existing VNET. Deploy into the resource group of the existing VNET

singhkays by Kay Singh,
Last updated: 17/8/2562

HDInsight (Linux on existing Hive metastore, SSH, vnet)

This template allows you to create an HDInsight cluster running Linux, on an existing Hive metastore and virtual network. The SSH authentication method for the cluster is username / password.

matt1883 by Matthew Hicks,
Last updated: 12/8/2562

FreeBSD PHP based web site

This template will deploy four FreeBSD VMs for PHP based web site

leifei87 by leifei87,
Last updated: 10/8/2562

Azure managed disk performance meter

This template allows you to run a managed disk performance test for different workload types using fio utility.

AlekseiPolkovnikov by Aleksei Polkovnikov,
Last updated: 10/8/2562

Deploy Drupal with VM Scale Set, Glusterfs and Mysql

Deploy a VM Scale Set behind a load balancer/NAT & each VM running Drupal (Apache / PHP). All nodes share the created glusterfs file storage, and MySQL database

maniSbindra by Mani Bindra,
Last updated: 10/8/2562

Create a storage account with multiple file shares

Creates an Azure storage account and multiple file shares.

zfchen95 by Zhenfeng,
Last updated: 9/8/2562

Install a Minecraft Server on an Ubuntu VM.

This template deploys and sets up a customized Minecraft server on an Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

gbowerman by Guy Bowerman,
Last updated: 7/8/2562

Azure Dedicated Hosts

This will deploy an isolated environment using Azure Dedicated Hosts for you rto provision VMs.

zivraf by zivraf,
Last updated: 30/7/2562

Tableau Server Linux Single Node

This template deploys a new instance of Tableau Server on an Ubuntu, RHEL or CentOS machine on Azure along with all required infrastructure elements. Tableau is an industry-leading business intelligence platform. Tableau Server allows users to discover and share data-driven insights throughout their organization in a secure, governable environment. For more information please visit our webpage:

maddyloo by Madeleine Corneli,
Last updated: 30/7/2562