Priser för Cognitive Services – Bing Custom Search

Ett lätthanterligt, annonsfritt sökverktyg av kommersiell kvalitet som ger det resultat du vill ha.

Priser för Cognitive Services Bing Custom Search

Leverage Bing Custom Search to build a search that fits your needs with powerful ranking, a global-scale search index, and document processing. Setup is easy and fast. The core technology works in three steps: it identifies on-topic sites, applies the Bing ranker, and delivers relevant search results while allowing you to adjust the parameters at any time.

Existing Bing Custom Search users who have a preview key provisioned on or before October 15, 2017 will be able to use their keys until November 30, 2017, or until their trial queries expire. Beyond this date, they will need to migrate to the generally available version on Azure.

Funktioner Enhet Price
Up to 100 transactions per second Transactions $4 per 1,000 transactions

Support och serviceavtal

  • Kostnadsfri support för fakturerings- och prenumerationshantering ingår.
  • Vi garanterar att Cognitive Services på standardnivån har en tillgänglighet på minst 99,9 %. Den kostnadsfria nivån omfattas inte av något serviceavtal. Läs serviceavtalet

Vanliga frågor och svar

  • The Emotion API, Face API, Language Understanding Intelligent Service API, Bing Speech-to-Text API, and Bing Text-to-Speech API are billed per 1 000 API transaction calls when a production API call is being actively executed. Billing is prorated for production API transaction call quantities.

    The Bing Long Form Speech API service is billed per hour of speech that is analyzed. The billing is prorated on a per-minute basis.

    The Recommendations API and Text Analytics API can be purchased in units of the standard tiers at a fixed price. Each unit of a tier comes with included quantities of API transactions. If the user exceeds the included quantities, overages are charged at the rate specified in the pricing table above. These overages are prorated, and the service is billed on a monthly basis. The included quantities in a tier are reset each month.

  • Användningen är begränsad om transaktionsgränsen nås på den kostnadsfria nivån. Kunder kan inte överförbruka på den kostnadsfria nivån.

  • Any annotation to a document counts as a transaction. Batch scoring calls will also take into consideration the number of documents that need to be scored in that transaction. So for instance, if 1 000 documents are sent for sentiment analysis in a single API call, that will count for 1 000 transactions. If an API supports more than one annotation operation, that will also be considered. Let’s say an API call performs both sentiment analysis and key-phrase extraction on 1 000 documents, that will count for 2 000 transactions (2 annotations * 1 000 documents).

  • If the usage on a standard tier is exceeded, the account starts to accrue overages. These overages are billed on a monthly basis, and are calculated at the rate specified for each tier.

  • Alla API-anrop (med undantag av batchbedömningsanrop) räknas som en transaktion. Batchbedömningsanrop räknas utifrån antalet objekt som behöver bedömas i den transaktionen.

  • Användningen är begränsad om transaktionsgränsen nås på den kostnadsfria nivån. Kunder kan inte överförbruka på den kostnadsfria nivån. Batchbedömning stöds inte på den kostnadsfria nivån.

  • Rekommendationer-API:t kan köpas i enheter av standardnivåerna till ett fast pris. Varje enhet på en nivå inkluderar en viss mängd API-transaktioner. Om användaren förbrukar mer än den inkluderade mängden debiteras denne enligt pristabellen ovan. Överförbrukningen fördelas proportionellt och tjänsten debiteras per månad. De inkluderade mängderna på en nivå återställs varje månad.

  • Du kan när som helst uppgradera till en högre nivå. Debiteringstaxa och inkluderad mängd för den nya nivån träder i kraft omedelbart.

  • Below table provides a list of available end-points for each API. The response for the same end-point of Bing Web Search API may vary depending on the Tier purchased. Refer to the next question for details.

    Included APIs Endpoints Available in Tiers
    Bings API för webbsökning S1-S8
    Bings API för bildsökning S1, S3, S7, S8
    Bings API för nyhetssökning S1, S5, S8
    Bings API för videosökning S1, S4, S7, S8
    (Preview, EN-US Only) S1, S6
    Bing Autosuggest API S1, S2
    Bing Spell Check API S1, S2
  • No, the Bing Web Search API is curtailed to meet specific offering of each Tier. For example, Tier S3 is meant for customers wanting to utilize only web search results and images in their applications. The customers also have an option of calling just a specific end point within a tier and their transactions will count against the overall bundle transactions (for example in Tier S3 a customer can just call Image API end point and make 400 transactions and can call Web Search API end point for 600 transactions and the total will be counted as 1 000 transactions).

  • No, both the APIs could potentially return different results even if you are only looking for images. For example, for a certain type of query, Bing Web Search API may return a combination of web results, videos, news but may not return images. However, for the same query, Bing Image Search API may return images.

  • Tiers are priced based on the number of transactions. As an example, for Tier S3, price per 1 000 transactions is $4. At the end of billing period if 12 000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API and 1 000 transactions are logged for the Bing Image Search API, then you will have billed for $52 calculated as $4*(13 000/1 000).

  • Bing Spell Check and Bing Autosuggest APIs are billed at 25 000 transactions increment in Tier S1. Whereas, other APIs are billed at 1 000 transactions increment in Tier S1.

    For example, if you are subscribed to Tier S1 and at the end of the billing period 15 000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API, 3 000 transactions logged for Bing Video Search API, and 25 000 for Bing Autosuggest API. In this case, the approximate bill would be $133 calculated by $7*((15 000+3 000)/1 000) + $7*(25 000/25 000).

    Note: For billing, only the end-point is considered and not the requested response. For example, calling the Bing Web Search API only for image response will be counted towards the Bing Web Search API and not towards the Bing Image Search API.


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