Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions

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Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Softweb Solutions can help you identify business and IT requirements for cloud strategies, define a cloud roadmap, choose the right cloud platform, and help you with the inevitable shift to the cloud so your IT team does not need to manage complex hardware and software infrastructure.

IaaS / PaaS Cloud Application Services
Transform and empower your apps. We can create, host and extend your apps on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms, reducing your year-on-year hardware management and upgrade costs. We can help you integrate various libraries and frameworks and develop robust, scalable applications that support the latest Java, Microsoft .NET, and Microsoft SharePoint web standards.

Cloud Management Services
Unearth the power of the cloud with Softweb and gain efficient ways to provision and manage cloud resources. Our experience with the leading cloud service providers gives us an edge in the cloud space. Manage multiple cloud environments across public, private, and hybrid clouds, enabling the agility your business needs.

Cloud Monitoring & Support
To ensure cost savings, we can help you maximize the overall performance of the cloud with our monitoring services. These services are aimed at analyzing CPU usage, bandwidth utilization, disk space and such parameters that can incur additional costs based on usage.

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