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Faction A

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Faction A offers end to end project management services for analytics solutions implementation. Our resources can join a project at any point in time and manage any execution stage of a project: from data integration and modeling to planning and complete analytical applications delivery. Our consulting team is champion at managing your projects and bringing them to fruition.

Faction A services:
To help clients find their way, Faction A offers its Analytics Roadmap service. This service provides companies with all the necessary tools to plan a successful analytics project and evaluate all its advantages.

Faction A offers a host of services to help clients implement analytics in the cloud infrastructure or to transition analytical applications. We dispel anxieties, be they managing the security of data, reducing the risk of losing sensitive data, evaluating the offers of different suppliers or even just knowing where to start.
Our resources can either start the project with the client or complement internal teams if necessary. Our clients benefit from all the talent necessary for a cloud-based deployment of Business Intelligence using Big Data which quickly provides a positive impact on their business.

Faction A has mastered the art of managing analytical or business intelligence (BI) projects optimally. These projects can quickly become risky and success depends primarily on proper guidance. Throughout its collaboration during the initiative, Faction A makes sure to optimize each intervention and each resource, allowing optimum cost control.
Faction A can accompany clients during the implementation or migration of analytical applications or complement internal teams if necessary. This ensures clients have the talent needed to produce analyses that will quickly generate a positive impact on our clients’ business.

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