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Definity First

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Infrastructure services are essential for realizing high returns on IT investments. An ideal IT infrastructure is the one designed for operational excellence and flexibility, where users are not only able to detect potential complications but they can also resolve them quickly. It leads to proactive IT departments supporting your organization.

Definity First will help you have that ideal infrastructure in order to optimize your enterprise IT and decrease expenses and operating costs. This change, will transform your infrastructures into strategic business asset. Our Microsoft Devices and Deployment competency qualifies us as leading experts in infrastructure services. Let’s support and transform your business!

- Server Management

When you have a fully managed server, your webhost is responsible for the server maintenance. Save time and money with our server management services. With the adequate maintenance of your web servers, enhance performance and minimize interruption. We keep your IT infrastructure at optimum performance.

- Cloud Migration

You can benefit from the dynamic scaling, high availability and effective resource allocation advantages cloud-based computing offers. Keep control of your applications and data with all the benefits of the cloud. Definity First will do the transition of your company’s data, applications and services from on-site premises to the cloud. With our services, achieve real-time and updated performance and efficiency.

Migrating to the cloud enables your company to potentially reduce capital expenditures and operating costs. A dynamic scaling, high availability, multi-tenancy, backup recovery and effective resource allocation are among the advantages of migrating to the cloud.
Deliver a powerful competitive edge!

- Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V)

We help you define a strategy and roadmap for how and when to leverage virtualization to gain the most out of it. Definity First uses Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to do the process of decoupling and migrating a physical server to a virtual machine guest hosted on a virtualized platform. This does not take long to implement because VMM allows Definity First to automatize most of the steps in the conversion process.
Go virtual, go full technology!

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