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Ubuntu Server is the most commonly used Linux distribution on Microsoft Azure. Ubuntu on Microsoft Azure delivers the same reliability and performance that Enterprises garner from running Ubuntu in the Enterprise. And Ubuntu is the leading cloud guest OS, running most workloads in public clouds today, thanks to its security, versatility and policy of regular updates. Canonical provides certified Ubuntu cloud images, ensuring that Azure customers will have a secure and tested open platform.

Ubuntu offers seamless integration with Azure, which means you can spin up, deploy and manage Ubuntu instances in seconds. Ubuntu Cloud Guests are customized, official
images of Ubuntu Server, produced by Canonical and optimized to run on Azure. Ubuntu Cloud Guest offers all the benefits of Ubuntu Server, from frequent scheduled release cycles and low total cost of ownership, to interoperability with a range of cloud platforms and freedom from vendor lock-in.

Ubuntu Cloud Guest is a version of Ubuntu Server LTS that is optimized for the cloud, enabling instances of Ubuntu to run as guest operating systems on top of the Azure cloud infrastructure. Just like Ubuntu Server, it is supported for five years to ensure long-term continuity for your cloud services.

If you are deploying Ubuntu Cloud Guests on Azure, you can find the latest images in the Virtual Machine section of the Azure portal. Choose your Ubuntu image, and it will be up and running in seconds. Once installed, you can manage the lifecycle of your instances directly by selecting your virtual machine, and going its dashboard to get information about the virtual machine, and options for management and configuration.

One of the main reasons why Ubuntu is the leading cloud guest operating system is because of the enterprise-class support available from Canonical. Canonical offers Ubuntu Advantage service for Ubuntu Cloud Guest instances, which can be purchased for support of your Ubuntu Cloud Guests. With Ubuntu Advantage, you get access to experienced Canonical engineers, as well as a range of tools and services that help you optimize the performance of cloud based services, including a hosted version of our Landscape systems management and monitoring tool, which streamlines management of virtual machines in the cloud.

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