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BDO Canada LLP

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Cloud-based technology allows your operation to be a truly moving enterprise. There’s no need to be in the office, or even physically plugged into a network. Wireless and WiFi makes your entire system accessible, and cloud storage – Microsoft Azure Cloud – is the fully secured system where it all comes together.

Azure Cloud never lets you down. There’s no limit to server space, which means the system can ride any spike in use for as long as need be. It can also scale down when the usage drops. You pay for what you use. No need make any adjustments – the system responds to your business needs on demand.

Best of all, your users won’t notice a thing. Like an elastic, the cloud expands and contracts in unison with your use. Simply set up the system and you’re ready to go.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is open to all. Whether you use Windows, .NET, or even want to build backends for mobile solutions, Azure meets every application with its characteristic flexibility.

Best of all, Azure is easily integrated into your existing IT environment, all while delivering superior secure private connections.

Some of BDO Solutions' services leveraging Microsoft Azure include:

•Azure Setup & Configuration Services
•Azure Patching & Deployment Services
•Azure Backup & Recovery Services
•Azure Monitoring Services
•Azure Consumption & Billing Optimization

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