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Avesta Group is fast-becoming one of Western Asia’s most sought-after firms for website and application design, hosting, and maintenance. We help businesses create a more robust Web presence with easy-to-use apps that help them attract more visitors, collect and analyze customer data, and increase their visibility and sales. By leveraging the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, we can offer you:

• Customized Web applications—You can have custom-built, well-designed, high-performance applications that can evolve as your business grows. In addition, our applications can integrate seamlessly with a variety of content management systems, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure’s SLQ database.

• Comprehensive managed hosting—Whether your goal is to move all or a portion of your data infrastructure to the cloud, our team can host and maintain your applications and data using the latest technology. In addition, Microsoft Azure’s storage and backup capabilities, coupled with its 99.95% uptime agreement, means that you’ll be able to run your business efficiently and more productively from anywhere, no matter what.

• Live and on-demand video streaming—Whether you’re creating your own video or importing third-party content, our Azure-based video solutions offer you a single player for all your needs, studio-grade encoding, as well as content protection and encryption. We also use the latest tools to ensure that your videos are easy to discover and access.

More and more companies are turning to our experienced, award-winning team and our comprehensive approach to website creation. In fact, among the hundreds of sites we have designed and hosted, three of them garner the top traffic in our region. Our sites are totally customized, so you get a Web presence that is reliable, scalable, and uniquely tailored to your needs.

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