Avantage Automatisering BV

Avantage Automatisering BV

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Avantage advises and helps customers with their transition to the cloud and enable flexible, cost effective workloads facilitated within the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure provides a certified environment in which privacy sensitive data and workloads will be safe. As Avantage has customers in privacy sensitive branches, the Microsoft Azure platform is eminently suitable for those customers, for example: Healthcare or Finance. Also for every customer who needs to take into account the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be mandatory from the enforcement date of May 2018.

Avantage specializes in offloading workloads from an “on premise” environment fully to the cloud or in a hybrid form. From small clients, with only a few workloads, to large clients, highly depending on availability. We use several Azure services as Virtual Machines, VPN for secure connection and Backup and Recovery for business continuity.

Many customers experience shrinkage or growth in their IT environment, not only based on employees or users but also in server capacity. Avantage helps these clients in their strategy to plan, design and build a flexible cloud IT infrastructure. As well for a full transition to the cloud as for a short-term development IT environment in which case there is no need to invest in local infrastructure.

If any extra information is needed or to set up an appointment do not hesitate to contact us. We make IT simple.

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