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Web Apps available only in the Azure portal from February 1
17 januari, 2017 – Starting February 1, 2017, the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service will be available only in the Azure portal.
Azure Storage Data Movement Library 0.5.0 release
17 januari, 2017 – The newest release of the Data Movement Library supports more advanced features.
Standard streaming endpoints and Azure Content Delivery Network integration
11 januari, 2017 – A standard streaming endpoint eliminates the complexity of streaming endpoints by giving you the scale and robustness you need without making you worry about streaming units.

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Exercise your greatest power as a developer
december 22, 2016

To be a good developer is to be a perpetual learner; it is essential for survival. The problems you solve are always changing, but the programming languages, platforms, hardware, tools and technologies you use to solve them are either on their way in, evolving, or are on their way out.

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