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The next generation of Azure IoT Suite accelerates IoT solutions

Inlägg på 25 september, 2017

Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT

Two years ago, we announced the availability of Azure IoT Suite, a set of preconfigured solutions that deploy in minutes and help customers get started quickly and is customized to meet their needs. Since then, customers including The Hershey Company, Schneider Electric, Rolls Royce, and Sandvik have selected Azure IoT Suite to accelerate their business transformation through their IoT initiatives.

Today, we are excited to announce a new version of Azure IoT Suite’s Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution. Incorporating learnings from customers and partners, this new version is a fully operational IoT solution right out of the box. New features include:

  • Advanced scalability & extensibility: Listening to customers and partners, we’ve introduced a new scalable Microservices architecture that dramatically simplifies the ability to customize the solution to meet your needs.
  • Lower cost: We now provide two deployment options to match different needs:
    • Basic option to get started at a low cost
    • Standard version for production ready IoT solutions

Best of all, the basic option can be updated to Standard when needed.

  • New UI: A complete redesign of the user interface helps you visualize the capabilities of a production ready solution.
  • Flexible language support: We now support both Java and .NET programming languages.

The updated Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution also leverages the best of the existing preconfigured solutions including the ability to provision directly into your subscription within minutes, open source availability, and functionally comprehensive from device to business application.

Our redesigned user interface enables operators to perform the following tasks:

  • Visualize data on a rich dashboard for deep insights and solution status.
  • Configure rules and alarms over live IoT device telemetry.
  • Schedule device management jobs, including updates to software and configuration.
  • Provision your own custom physical or simulated devices.
  • Troubleshoot and remediate issues within your IoT device groups.

More options for developers and partners

Remote Monitoring is the first of our preconfigured solutions to leverage a microservices architecture available in both .NET and Java. Microservices have emerged as a prevalent pattern to achieve scale and flexibility, without compromising development speed. Microservices compartmentalize the code and provide well defined interfaces making the solution easier to understand and less monolithic. It also further expands options for partners that want to extend our current preconfigured solutions to build finished solutions that can be monetized.

Learn more

The Remote Monitoring solution is richly supplemented with how-to, tutorial, and GitHub developer documentation detailing the building, extending, and deploying of your changes. The solution is now available. Get started by: