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Real World Windows Azure: Interview with Mandeep Khera, Chief Marketing Officer at Cenzic

Inlägg på 13 juli, 2011

MSDN: Tell us about Cenzic and the solutions you offer.

Khera: Business and governments increasingly rely on Web-based applications to interact with their customers and partners. These Web applications may contain many security vulnerabilities, which makes them ideal targets for attacks.   As the only stand-alone provider of dynamic, black box testing of Web applications, Cenzic addresses these security risks head on by detecting vulnerabilities for remediation in order to stay ahead of the hacker curve with software, managed services, and cloud products to protect Websites against hacker attacks.

MSDN: Could you give us more details on the ClickToSecure Cloud solution?

Khera: 80 % of hacks happen through websites and there are more than 250 million websites out there. With ClickToSecure cloud, any business - even a small mom and pop shop - can get an application security vulnerability assessment service and easily run a scan (similar to anti-virus scan on the desktop) to find out where their security vulnerabilities are, along with detailed remediation information. This report can then be sent to developers so they can fix these security holes. Some of our packages even help companies get compliant with regulatory and other standards, such as PCI 6.6, OWASP etc. 

Cenzic ClickToSecure Cloud also allows Windows Azure users to test all of their Web applications built on Windows Azure for application vulnerabilities. This testing can be done in a few minutes or hours, depending on the size and complexity of the application and type of assessment running. Built on Microsoft technologies, Cenzic ClickToSecure will be available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace soon.

MSDN: What are the key benefits for Windows Azure customers?

Khera: One of the issues developers face is that as they develop Web applications, they are not able to find their security defects in the code before deployment. And once that application is deployed, any security vulnerabilities make the application – and its users - susceptible to attacks..Cenzic ClickToSecure Cloud solution enables customers to test Web applications built on Windows Azure for security vulnerabilities before putting them into production.

Please click below to watch a demo:  [View:].

MSDN: Is this solution available to the public right now?

Khera: Yes, click here to learn more.  As a special incentive, we are offering special pricing to all Windows Azure customers with a 20% discount off our list price. The first 500 people to sign up will also get a free HealthCheck scan.  

Please visit the Cenzic website for more information.