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NEW! Wiki launched for Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure

Inlägg på 8 februari, 2012

Although Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure is currently only available via CTP, you can get a jumpstart learning all about it by visiting the Apache Hadoop on Windows wiki. This wiki also covers Apache Hadoop on Windows Server.

The wiki contains overview information about Apache Hadoop, as well as information about the Hadoop offerings on Windows and related Microsoft technologies, including Windows Azure. It also provides links to more detailed technical content from various sources and in various formats: How-to topics, Code Samples, Videos, and more.



Content Types

Hadoop Overview

How To

Hadoop on Windows Overview

Code Examples

Apache Hadoop on Windows Server


Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure

Elastic Map Reduce on Windows Azure

Learning Hadoop


Hadoop on Windows

Hadoop Best Practices

Managing Hadoop

Developing with Hadoop

Using Hadoop with other BI Technologies

This wiki is relatively new and we would absolutely appreciate any feedback or requests for additional information. Moreover, since it is a wiki, feel free to update any of the wiki articles or add new ones!