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New Architecture Blueprint: Large-Scale Computing – Financial Services

Inlägg på 29 april, 2015

Principal Program Manager, Azure Data Factory
We’re pleased to announce a new Azure architecture blueprint for Large-Scale Computing - Financial Services (PDF download).   finanicial_Services   Financial services organizations in insurance, capital markets, and banking bring complex and challenging large-scale workloads to the cloud. To drive their businesses without expanding their on-premises data centers, these organizations need to build efficient cross-premises and hybrid workflows to collect, transform, enrich, and analyze disparate data. Common use cases include risk modeling, customer and compliance reporting, and simulations.   The blueprint illustrates a real-world scenario to use Azure Data Factory to manage and monitor the data flows, while leveraging Azure Big Compute, Big Data, and infrastructure services including Batch , HDInsight, Machine Learning, Virtual Machines, Virtual Network and more to build cost-effective solutions.   To build your next solution, check out the collection of scenario-based Microsoft Architectural Blueprints, as well as additional resources for Data Factory, Big Compute and Big Data.